From the Principal

Dear SJC Families and Friends

Last Sunday, the Church celebrated Pentecost Sunday. This day on the Catholic Church's calendar is the day we acknowledge as the birth of the Church. The Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples who only recently had witnessed the ascension of Christ, body and soul, into Heaven. The importance of the day cannot be understated and it is us, the Church, who continue this mission that commenced on that first Pentecost in Jerusalem. 

During this time, it is important to reflect upon the fruit of the Holy Spirit and Paul's letter to the Galatians (5:22) describes these as "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things, there is no law." What St Paul was encouraging his fellow sisters and brothers in Christ to do was live out these actions with the help of the Holy Spirit. In our life, there is a not human who could not deny that aiming to exhibit each of these traits in life would not lead to a more full, and joy-filled way of being. 

In this coming fortnight, may the fruits of the Holy Spirit be present in your life. 

Year 7 Family Night

We look forward to hosting many of our Year 7 families this Wednesday evening where the opportunity will be afforded to all those present to connect more deeply with other Year 7 families and to engage in a community conversation. This will see those present discuss what their hopes, fears and expectations are of the College. We will also explore how we can be in genuine partnership with our families during the learning journey of their child across six years at SJC. 

I am really looking forward to being able to gather as a group which sadly only occurred on two occasions last year for our Year 7 families. There will be a Year 8 evening coming in the not too distant future. 

200 Years of Catholic Education

Yesterday, I was honoured to attend the Lismore Diocese celebratory Mass at St Carthage's Cathedral in Lismore with our College Captains, Larni Borger and Cooper Scott. It was in October 1820 that Fr John Therry commenced teaching a small number of students in an organised manner in the Parramatta area. There are currently 1755 Catholic schools in Australia and over 750,000 students attend Catholic schools. 

Larni and Cooper were there with two representatives from each of the 46 schools in the Lismore Diocese and represented our College proudly. 



Well done to a number of our students who have recently excelled on the sporting field by gaining selection in Diocesan or regional teams in the sports of soccer, surfing, rugby league and cross country. It is always a great accomplishment for students to attain such honour as a way of affirming the hard work and time they invest into their chosen fields. A comprehensive report will be added to the newsletter in the coming weeks. 

Some Sad News

Please keep in your prayers Ms Helen Gooley who sadly lost her brother Peter last week. May Peter rest in peace and the family get through this difficult time together. 

Mr Scott Thomson