Student Spirituality

At St Joseph's College, we acknowledge the innate spirituality of every child. Opportunities to nurture their spiritual growth are planned for and provided through a variety of experiences. These connect children to a faith community, give them a sense of security and belonging and remind them that they are deeply loved.

We strive to guide students toward living responsible and just lives by teaching and modelling the Gospel values of love of others through compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, advocating for justice and service to the poor and marginalised.

At St Joseph's College, we encourage students to develop their whole selves, treat others fairly and respectfully, be responsible for their actions, and follow moral and ethical principles. We strive to activate this through opportunities to celebrate and learn about the Catholic faith through Religious Education classes, daily prayer, retreats and reflection days, liturgies and Mass.

At St Joseph's College, we incorporate programs that build upon and complement the Catholic Schools Office Student Discipleship Continuum from Year 4 - Year 12. The sequential and age-appropriate continuum provides students with intentional faith-filled opportunities where they feel free to discuss and develop their faith.

Students can experience school and Catholic Schools Office programs such as:


A two-day retreat for Year 7 students to grow in their discipleship of Jesus Christ, membership of His Church and strengthening their transition into Catholic Secondary School. Transitus looks at a passage to becoming more intentional in faith toward Youth Ministry Classes. 

Festa Christi  

A two-day retreat experience that involves activities that focus on walking in another person's shoes, having the students overcome their fears and gaining a greater awareness of Catholic social justice. Festa Christi's program allows time for prayer and reflection with an emphasis on an adult understanding of the Eucharist. 


The SHINE Gathering allows students undertaking the CSYMA program within Youth Ministry classes from across the diocese to gather and share a faith experience while practising the skills they have been developing as intentional disciples. SHINE attracts 600 - 700 participants annually. 

Ministry Opportunities

Youth Ministry Students in Year 9/10 are invited to a facilitator's role as peer-to-peer disciples at the Year 5 and 6 SD Continuum retreats, Exuro and Incitāre. 

Street Retreat

Street Retreat is a hands component that promotes school evangelisation and catechesis in a way that engages the passion, imagination and commitment of Year 11 students to live as Christian disciples within the community. This program is designed to allow students to participate in volunteer outreach with the marginalised. 


The LEAD Conference is a two-day event providing formation and skill development for Youth Ministry. Youth Ministry students in Years 11/12 are invited into a school-based Senior Youth Ministry Team. These students in Year 11/12 are invited to a facilitator's role as peer-to-peer disciples at the Year 9/10 SHINE Gathering.


A contemporary Catholic conference for adults, teenagers, children, ministry leaders, priests, religions and parents from across our nation and beyond. Ignite invites commitment to Missionary Discipleship with encouragement from the school Youth Ministry Officers (YMO). 

Catch the Wave

Year 9 students are given the opportunity of a retreat day with fellow Year 10 students from St Joseph's College and Mt St Patrick's College, Murwillumbah. It is used to provide a faith experience for students as they begin their Youth Ministry journey in the Youth Ministry Class. For some, this may be the first time they could truly make a response to faith in their lives, and for others, it may enrich and strengthen their relationship with God.

Further to the Continuum are:


A peer-to-peer ministry retreat was given in the Ignatian School tradition and ran at the school level featuring student-led small groups and discussions. It is sacramentally focused.

Year 11 Vietnam Immersion

An opportunity to live the words of St Paul to the Galatians 'Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.' The students that travel to Vietnam are immersed in the culture and history of the people, work with the Loreto Australia/Vietnam Program assisting children with disabilities and help build a house in the Mekong.

Year 11 Leadership Camp

Students engaged in a range of activities that presented them with personal challenges, allowing them to identify qualities of strong leadership and their own strengths as young adults. It is an opportunity for students' personal growth and development and encourages them as they enter their Senior years at College.

RCIA/Y Programme (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults/Youth)

Students and staff who have not been initiated into the Catholic faith are welcome to do so through the RCIA/Y programme that is run at the College when needed and culminates in the person experiencing the sacraments of initiation. The programme involves working with the Parish Priest, parishioners and members of the SJC faith community. Any person wishing to find out more about this programme should contact our College Youth Minister.

Schools of Prayer

In nurturing a proper understanding of the role of prayer in the faith life of students, prayer focus is developed to assist age-appropriate parish school engagement in prayer experiences. The main forms of prayer that have been promoted in Catholic Education are the traditional forms and the Rosary, Awareness Examen, Lectio Divina, and the contemplative prayer of Christian Meditation.

Music Ministry

Wildfire, the Diocesan Worship team, offers whole school evangelisation to primary and secondary schools under the banner of Proclaim Lismore and the Ten: Ten Experience.

Digital Ministry

Quality communications are available in the Proclaim Lismore Student digital platforms featuring Facebook and Instagram, with a focus on evangelisation of youth, praise and worship, and youth ministry digital networking (YouTube; Vimeo).

Sacramental Preparation

Schools work collaboratively with parishes to support students preparing for their Sacraments. This may take the form of a school-based program of preparation or support for a parish-based program.


Fortnightly Vivet lessons provide students the opportunity to build community, to share fellowship with one another and to be involved in faith forming activities. Through this ministry opportunity, students will get to know the living presence of Jesus Christ.

Encounter Rally

A high-energy faith event, designed to build community and engage students in a night of contemporary and dynamic faith formation. Students will be provided an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ through praise, worship and contemporary peer-to-peer youth ministry.

Social Justice / Service Opportunities

Caritas fundraising - Lent

Vinnies Winter appeal and Stay Out



You Have a Friend

Year 12 Outreach day

Vinnies Christmas Appeal

Parish Pantry Christmas hampers

St Martha's Aged Care (on hold due to COVID)

Meals on Wheels (on hold due to COVID)