Welcome to St Joseph’s College

St Joseph’s College is a Catholic 7-12 high school operated by St Joseph’s Parish, Tweed Heads, assisted by the Lismore Diocese Catholic Education Office.

SJC works closely with its parents and the community to fulfill the important role of educating the youth of the Tweed Heads region. Our motto, ‘Peace through Justice’ is modified from Pope Pius XII’s motto ‘Opus Justitiae Pax’ – The work of justice is peace. This original motto was taken up in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II. The motto transcends the circumstances of those times to inspire each of us through significant effort in our personal lives, to establish community at local and international levels. The dove of peace reinforces this message.

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Orientation Day – Year 7, 2021

Jersey Day 2020

The Jersey Day campaign is an annual event on the Australian calendar, which took place this year on Friday 4 September. Jersey Day is all about raising awareness and starting conversations around organ donation. Students and staff at St Joseph’s College were invited to be involved in this day by wearing a jersey, or similar, of their favourite sporting team to school.

It was great to see those students and staff who chose to support this cause. In particular, thanks to Mrs Maria Van Vliet who bravely shared some of her personal story with the College regarding her experiences with organ donation. Thanks also to Mr Yager and the Year 12 students who were involved in the organisation of, and participated in, the Year 12 code versus code competition at lunch.

For further information about Jersey Day and organ donation please visit jerseyday.com.au.

COVID Restrictions – Parents, Carers and Visitors

Please be aware that non-essential visitors are not permitted on the school site due to COVID restrictions until further notice.

This document has been developed in response to the state directive that no parents, carers and visitors are to enter school grounds.

Parent/Carer Presence on College Grounds Procedures

If you have any queries, please contact the College Office on 0755 249 002.


Course selection information for Parents and Students.

Stage 6:

Stage 5:

Enrolments 2021

St Joseph’s College is open to all families and children who want to share our educational and faith goals. Most importantly, there is a place in our catholic school for those families and children with the greatest need. Every child is welcomed.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child at St Joseph’s College for 2021, please feel free to call the office and speak with Mrs Helen Baker, our Enrolment Officer.