From the Science Faculty

Biology Excursion

On Thursday 20 May, the Year 12 Biology students and Year 11 Accelerated Biology students attended Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast. 

During this trip we participated in a biology workshop whereby we were practically immersed in the process of gel electrophoresis. It was a valuable experience as it allowed us to cement the knowledge we have gained from class about this process.  

We were also shown around the campus, including through the midwifery, nursing and OT rooms and were given some information about what SCU has to offer for prospective students.

Some students made the following comments:

“I can’t wait to go to university.”

“I liked how interactive it was.”

“It was really educational and gave us a good insight into what uni involves.”

“SCU has great facilities.”

“They had vending machines! It was awesome.”

It was a valuable experience for all.

Ms Katie John
Biology Teacher