From the Science Faculty

2021 Hasting Point Rocky Shore Biology Excursion

Earlier this month, the two Year 11 Biology classes and the Year 10 Accelerated Biology class undertook their mandatory excursion to the rocky shore at Hastings Point.  This excursion then formed the basis of further research. 

The students spent the morning completing a transect study investigating the distribution and abundance of the organisms that live in the intertidal zone.  The students then went to the newly renovated Marine Discovery Centre at the North Star Holiday Park, Hastings Point.  Students were able to observe more closely the specimens from the rocky shore as well as discuss their specific adaptations and niche within that habitat.

Thanks goes to Mrs Jo Burnett, Mrs Renee Burns for attending the excursion as well as Rhett from the MDC who guided us through the day.

The whole experience is best summed up by the students themselves:

‘The excursion was probably the best I have been on.  It was very educational yet fun and laid-back.  It was easy-going and adventurous and I really enjoyed it.’

‘The excursion was very good because we were able to get up close and personal to the natural ecosystem of all the living organisms. Definitely the best excursion I have been on due to the fact we were able to be independent.’ 

‘The biology excursion to the Rock Shore was very educational and enjoyable.  I specifically liked doing the quadrants and photographing the animals.’ 

‘The excursion was very fun and educational.  It was good to get out of the classroom.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about Hastings, an area I've lived near for so long.’

‘The excursion was a great experience and was really helpful with getting information for the assignment.  I had a lot of fun hanging out with some friends and seeing and learning about some animals I have never seen before.’ 

‘I discovered so many new things about our surrounding rocky shores and all the organisms that live within them!!’

‘I enjoyed being able to explore the rocky shore freely and observe all the living organisms’

Ms Fiona Murray
Biology Teacher 


The results are in for the 2021 Big Science Competition!

Earlier this term many of the Years 7 and 8 junior science classes as well as the accelerated science classes participated in the 2021 Big Science Competition. The test was a 50-minute online competition testing science knowledge, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Congratulations to the following students who received a Credit:

Year 10
Maggie Clark Charlie Simon
Year 9
Sienna Matty Jacob Olsen
Year 8
Lily Blundell Jaimee Canellis
Lois Diver Cooper Flaherty
Olivia Fleming Vrndi Gibbons
Saige Hall Ayla Jordan
Bailey LeBrese Oska MacFarlane
Charlotte Martin Caleb Matheson
Layla McKee Georgia McNamara
Abigail Oehlmann Abbey Olsen
Ryan Thompson Fallon Twindley
Bronte Vandermaat Luke Young
Year 7
George Barton Amelia Cane
Brooke Cherry Lorenzo Da Silva
Reuben Dennes Evelyn Elias
Lucy Green Tayla Hall
Finley Harman Mitchell Hopwood
Benjamin Joyce Rhys Langheim
Keelan McLaughlin Darcia Robinson
Isabella Sala Sebastian Trimboli
Jenna Walker Hannah Windhorst
Oliver Wortmann Stephanie Wynia

Also congratulations and well done to those who received a Distinction:

  • Felix Loughran and Harrison Lucas – Year 10
  • Thomas Mills and Madison Peisley – Year 9
  • Cheyne Mollard, Annabel Kermode, Mia Holt, Ryan Gilmore and Zack Andrewartha – Year 8

A special mention to James Petherbridge in Year 8, and Seana Connolly in Year 10, who both received a High Distinction.

Well done to all those who participated.  All students will receive an email to download their certificate.

Ms Fiona Murray
Assistant Leader of Learning – Science