From the Leader of Pastoral Care - Year 11

Please enjoy the student report from India Reed and Billy Flynn after returing from camp at Lake Moogerah.

Mrs Louise McLaughlin
Leader of Pastoral Care - Year 11

Year 11 Camp 2021

Recently, the Year 11 student body had the opportunity to experience an immersive and uniting camp at Camp Laurence on the shores of Lake Moogerah.  This three-day getaway was filled with exciting although challenging activities- which forced us to, as our camp leader said: ‘think smarter, not harder’ and work together collaboratively in our activity groups.

One of the highlights of the experience was the camp out – where we travelled from base camp to spend the night on the scenic Lake Moogerah.  The destination was at the end of an 18km bike ride; in which we rode single file along both roads and dirt paths – passing picturesque landmarks such as Mount Greville.  Although the numerous hills were strenuous and we were definitely bruised the next day – at the conclusion of the three hours, the group felt a collective sense of achievement. 

Following arrival at the campsite, the group was tasked with setting up their own tents for the night.  Others were responsible for cooking the group’s dinner on the barbeque- which was surprisingly yum! We spent the rest of the night by the campfire, before an early (albeit sleepless) night in the freezing cold.

We woke early in the morning (6:00am!!) to take down our tents and prepare to canoe back to base camp.  After waterproofing our belongings, we set out on the gorgeous Lake Moogerah.  While most of us arrived dry, there were a few unlucky sailors.  This was a memorable experience – as we journeyed across the river singing aloud to plenty of late 2000s pop hits.

Back at base camp, we participated in many testing activities such as archery, orienteering, high ropes and problem solving (including setting up a tent blindfolded!).  These challenges allowed us to bond and taught important lessons about leadership, initiative and thinking outside the box.  As a cohort, we also engaged in leadership exercises – involving brainstorming the attributes of an effective leader and working together to represent and share these.  We ended with an insightful and personal meditation, where we reflected upon ourselves as we prepare to enter Year 12 – evoking a powerful sense of connectedness. 

Overall, this camp was an amazing experience; we were able to learn more about ourselves and each other, in a fun, adventurous environment.  Thanks to the wonderful group leaders and staff who accompanied us – this camp was one to remember! 

By India Reed and Billy Flynn