From the Work Readiness Pathway Department

$20 Boss

Last term, Year 12 Work Readiness Pathway students participated in the $20 Boss program.  $20 Boss is a nationwide immersive entrepreneurship program where students are provided with $20 of start-up capital to help them create, launch and operate a business over the course of a school term.  The expectation is that all businesses will be profitable, and all start-up capital will be repaid by students with a $1 interest payment at the end of the project.

Students are required to write a business plan, pitch their business idea to a panel of ‘investors’, work out their costs and projected profit/loss, project manage and market their business and maintain accurate records of their cash flow throughout the project.

This year's businesses Quick and Clean, Thiccc Shakes and Simply Nachos were all profitable and collectively made $600 profit which they have decided to donate to the Jensen family.

This program is always a highlight for students who choose to study the Work Readiness Pathway in Years 11 and 12, and it provides a meaningful context for students to develop and use key transferable/employability skills.

“Throughout this project, I learnt that it is difficult to get along and work with all team members.  We all had our allocated tasks and the majority of them were completed to the best of our ability.  I developed a range of enterprise skills and learnt a lot from the $20 boss project in general.  I now understand how challenging it would be to start your own business.” Zoe Guy

“For teamwork I think it is only ever going to work out if you are all willing to compromise and not be stubborn, you need to listen and be respectful even if you aren't being heard.  If you aren't being heard in a team you need to speak up and show that you want to contribute and the main thing is to be confident.”  Braeleigh Jones 

“I am happy that I learnt how to do a bit of finance which can benefit me in my future.  I learnt to use many enterprise skills like problem solving”.  Christian Hayes 

Ms Hannah Lindschau
Work Readiness Pathway Teacher