From the Principal

Dear SJC Families and Friends

I find myself writing about the content I thought we would not be revisiting more than a year on from the first case of the virus in this country but if there is anything that we have been taught during these times it is to expect the unexpected. I would like to start by extending my prayers, on behalf of the SJC community, to all those who currently find themselves afflicted by the virus or are in a lockdown situation. As I articulated to our students on Tuesday morning, they are lucky to find themselves being allowed to set foot on school grounds and our hearts go out to the many students and teachers who find themselves in a far different situation. 

I ask that all families are aware of, and understand the COVID communication documents that have been shared via email and the Schoolzine app.  It is really important that in our area, we do what is being asked of us so we do not find ourselves in the complex situation some of the major centres in Australia are currently experiencing.  It is also vital that you communicate with the College if you or your immediate family are affected in any way, as has been the case with the recent Chinderah exposure. 

I trust that your child, and you if you were able to, had a relaxing and enjoyable recent break.  Sunday Gospel from Mark was a great example of the importance of rest and regeneration in our lives.  There is a line in the Gospel where Jesus states to His disciples, "Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile."  They were in the midst of preaching to masses of people and Jesus recognised the importance of His 'foot soldiers being well-rested if they were to do the best job they could do. 

This wonderful example set by our Lord is something that all of us should take note of.  There is a phrase that is sadly often used by busy people when others recognise they need a break; "I have no time to find time".  I know very few people who are effective in their various life roles when they are exhausted and worn out.  The same can be said for our students.  The need for adequate sleep is vital if they are to be charged and ready to go each day.  A student struggling to keep their eyes open is simply taking up space in a room and they are ineffective as a learner. 

I often note when students are looking tired and when I engage in a conversation, they invariable explain they were up until incredibly late hours.  Their reason often relates to technology devices such as gaming consoles or phones.  It is not uncommon for students to explain they have been up until after 2:00am in the morning and then wonder why they are tired at 9:30am. I ask that all families please ensure that technology is not in their child's room for the sake of their education and development.  If adequate rest was OK for our Lord, it must be a good thing. 

Staffing Announcement


It was with sadness that I recently accepted the resignation of Mr. Peter Lyon, College Assistant Principal.  As the etymology of his name implies, and there would be few who would dispute it, Pete has been the rock of this school for a quarter of a century.  He has been, and will forever be remembered as, a giant and great servant of this College.  In a recent discussion with Pete, he said that he was really enjoying life and was happy with his decision to step away from education.  He will extend his leave into next year but will not be returning to his substantive role in the College. 

It is my honour to speak for the entire staff, all past and present students and families, in saying thank you Peter for all you have done for the young people, staff, and families of the Tweed and surrounding areas across all of your years involved with SJC.  He will be sadly missed and we look forward to sharing a fitting farewell at some point in the future.


Mr Scott Thomson