From VET Department

Concrete Pour

This year's concrete pour with the Year 12 Construction class was a little different than previous years.  Rather than a delivery of concrete via truck, students used a mixer to mix the blend and laid it in two slightly smaller sites.  With the legendary Mr Hamers helping lead the task, all went smoothly.  The weather tried to dampen the experience with rain, lightning and thunder but once the lightning disappeared nothing could stop the concreting team momentum – that is until they decided it was lunchtime at 2pm.

After lunch and the mandatory clean-up process all was done.  Students headed home and of course the rain fell, affecting the finish on the second pour site due to it still being a little too green.  Another good day concreting had by all.  Seeing Caleb laying cables on the way to work the next morning was good to see also.  Thanks to Mrs Busbridge for taking the pics of the action and Mrs Camp for shopping for our lunch.

Mr Brad Watson
TAS/VET Teacher