Year 7 Camp

Please enjoy the following student report about the recent Year 7 Camp.

Mr Mark Yager (Leader of Student Wellbeing - Hanly) 

Year 7 Camp – No Longer Strangers

After an exhausting week of floods, Year 7 travelled to the top of Tamborine for a two night and three-day escape.  A two-hour ride carried Year 7 to the well-known QCCC Camp.

There was a myriad of activities that required teamwork and trust, the two favourites among Year 7 were ‘The Possum Glider’ and ‘The Giant Swing.’  The Possum Glider was a simple yet enjoyable activity; we were attached to a rope 10 metres up in the air where the only thing holding you were your classmates.  Each student was lifted in the sky, swinging, bouncing and hoping not to fall. The responsibility of pulling another person up, coupled with the knowledge that their life was in your hands, resulted in hands covered in blisters.  Who would’ve thought we would have endured so much physical pain to help someone we only just met?  The Giant Swing was nerve racking and thrilling, hanging from a harness and waiting to drop.  After being pulled up above the trees, you would let go of the only rope keeping you stable and swing freely.

Together as Year 7, we experienced the highs and lows of camp, from tears to vomit and clapping after grace.  The real shining light of camp was the teachers, sacrificing time with their families to make sure we had the most fun we possibly could have.  And we did, we weren't classmates anymore, we were friends.

Written by Hailey Pickett (Year 7)