From the Leader of Learning - Work Readiness Pathway

Last term, in an integrated English Studies and Work Studies unit, Year 11 Work Readiness Pathway students learnt how to prepare a formal job application and nail a job interview. Students were required to find an entry-level job advertisement, write a cover letter, tailor their resume to the job advertisement and prepare for a formal job interview.

“In English and Work Studies, we have been practising how to get a job and preparing for a job interview.  This unit of work teaches you a lot of great life skills and offers many learning opportunities that help you to get a sense of what a real-life job interview is going to be like.  I really enjoyed this unit of work because it made me get out of my comfort zone and I had to really apply myself.  The assessment for this unit was to have a mock job interview which is the same as a usual interview but you are just acting like you are going for a real job interview.” Blake Nelson

“I really enjoyed this unit because it helps you with real-life job situations and gives you an insight into what job interviews are like.  I personally have never experienced a job interview so I was a bit nervous, but I had done my practice and the interview was really fun.  This job interview really takes you out of your comfort zone but the good thing about the assessment was you were able to have the day off and only come in for your interview and you get to dress up for it!” Chloe Loubet

“My interview was nerve-wracking because it was my first time being interviewed.  I was nervous about messing up my interview by saying the wrong thing, but I practised with my dad and that helped me. From this experience, I learned that it can be stressful.” Layla Wellings

The College would like to thank the following members of our community who volunteered their time and expertise to interview our students: Chris Holt, McGrath Real Estate Coolangatta/Tweed Heads; Johnathon Keating, Keating Law; Leanne Noble, Aveo Group; Gregory Lidbetter, Liddy's Lawn Care; Doug Cook, 3 Carrots Mortgage Brokers; Monica and Karen, ETC Employment; Janita Thomson, Catholic Schools Office Lismore and Dennis Pfitzner, NSW Health.

A huge thank you to our Work Readiness Pathway teachers, Ms Caitlin Lidbetter and Mr Lewis Morosini who organised this fantastic learning experience for our students. 

Ms Hannah Lindschau
Leader of Learning – Work Readiness Pathways