From the Leader of Learning - HSIE

CSI Crime Scene

This term Year 8 HSIE are studying the Black Death and how it spread across Europe during the 14th Century.  As an introduction into the causes, symptoms and spread of the virus, the superstar investigators of CSI Season Eight (Mrs McLeod’s class, 8F) arrived at room 201 to a gruesome discovery.  A crime scene had been established after an unfortunate death occurred in the classroom.  They then spent the lesson participating in a Crime Scene Investigation inspired activity that allowed them to use their critical thinking and investigation skills to come to a conclusion about the causes of death for the victim, and whether it was the Black Death or some other disease.  At the time of writing, the investigation is still in progress and the cause of death has not yet been formally identified, but with the excellent investigators of 8F working hard, we have no doubt that the case will be solved.

Mrs Kristy McLeod
History Teacher

MUNA Magic

On Saturday 30 April, we had a passionate team comprising of Seana Connolly (Year 11), Braydon Monahan (Year 10) and Hailey Pickett (Year 7) represent St Joseph’s College at the 'Model of the United Nations Assembly' (or MUNA) competition, at the Tweed Civic Centre.  These students participated in what was essentially a mock United Nations General Assembly meeting with other state, Catholic and independent schools from Grafton to the Gold Coast where they debated a range of resolutions relating to: 

  • Protection of global climate
  • Global health threats
  • Peacekeeping
  • Safety of journalists

For the past few weeks these students spent their lunchtimes researching the country that they represented - Germany -  in order to be informed and actively participate in the vigorous debate surrounding each resolution.

I was incredibly proud of the three students and the way they represented themselves, SJC and their team Germany.  They threw themselves confidently into the debate, having to think on their feet to respond to other countries' sometimes controversial views. 

This was a great opportunity for students who have an interest in global affairs and how international relations are conducted, so keep an eye out for it next year.

Mr Tom Nethery
Leader of Learning - HSIE


L-R Seanna Connolly (Year 11), Braydon Monahan (Year 10) and Hailey Pickett (Year 7) representing Germany at MUNA


Braydon speaking supporting a 'Health' resolution


L-R Braydon, Seanna and Hailey receiving participation certificates from District Governor Mr Geoff Egan