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Gold Coast Careers Festival

On Friday 6 May, our Year 10 students and Year 12 Work Readiness students attended the Gold Coast Careers Festival.  The Festival provides an opportunity for students to discover and explore the many career pathways and opportunities available to them.  Students had the opportunity to get involved in talks and workshops and to speak directly with a wide range of exhibitors including tertiary education and training providers, Defence Forces and industry groups. 

The Festival marks the beginning of our Year 10 Careers and Future Pathways learning programme.  Over the next two terms students will be involved in workshops focused on self-reflection, industry and occupation investigations and post school pathway exploration.  The programme prepares students to plan and make decisions about their senior subjects and learning pathway.

This week we celebrate National Careers Week – 16-20 May 2022.  National Careers Week is an initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia and aims to celebrate careers, career development, career development services, and career development practitioners and to promote the economic, social and personal benefits of career development.

Career development is a process of managing learning, work and leisure to progress through life.  It includes gaining and using the skills and knowledge needed to plan and make informed decisions about education, training, and work.  Everyday decisions and priorities affect career development.

Ultimately, career development is about much more than jobs – it is about how to live your life.

The objectives of National Careers Week are to:

  • Develop community awareness of the concept, benefit, and value of career development.
  • Raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes, and broaden horizons about careers.
  • Highlight the need for ongoing reskilling and upskilling to support careers throughout life.
  • Identify the changing nature of work and its impact on all Australians.
  • Showcase industries and the career opportunities available in them.

At SJC we are highlighting National Careers Week by engaging in a range of activities that include career focused classroom activities, AWC discussions, viewing video presentations and a visual display and access to resources in the College library.

The College Careers Website is another great source of career information.  Students are encouraged to be frequent visitors to this page.  It also contains valuable information for parents.  The Career Targets on the bottom right of the page are very helpful in exploring occupations related to student interests and the subjects they enjoy.

A number of factsheets are provided here to assist you and your child/children to think and talk about their post school options and transition decisions.