From the Leader of Student Wellbeing - Year 11

Year 11 Camp 2022

On Wednesday 25 May, many keen and eager Year 11 students headed off to Camp Laurence at Lake Moogerah.

With the sun shining and sleeping bags packed students were in for some great camping weather, which is what we got.  Students were arranged into activity groups on arrival and headed off to various locations around the camp.  The lake was at 105% capacity and at its picturesque best.  Groups 1, 2 and 3 packed an overnight bag including their cooking equipment and tent amongst their small groups and either canoed or hiked to another campsite.  They did this while groups 4, 5 and 6 completed high ropes, giants ladder, mountain biking, catapults and archery at the base camp.  Those students who stayed at base camp participated in a group lead liturgy and presentation about leadership at SJC.  Students were challenged to continue their leadership journey by practicing in servant leadership in their everyday activities, things like encouraging others, or helping junior students.  Making their school the best school they could make it by simply participating and engaging in College events.  Students camping on the first night made their way back to base camp for the second night, while the second group of students camped out.

Some notable highlights were definitely the hot showers after the camp out, Mr Thomson beating Mr Attenborough-Doyle up the giants’ ladder, a large game of spotlight by the lake, and a sleep on the bus on the way home.

Thank you to all staff for volunteering to assist students to have the best camp possible, the camp staff for their enthusiasm and all the students who put aside other commitments and fears to participate in and attend the Year 11 Leadership camp 2022.  It was a fantastic opportunity to bond and create new and lasting friendships.

Mr Joshua McCormack
Leader of Student Wellbeing - Year 11