From the Leader of Learning - Science

It has been a busy and productive year so far in Science.  We have certainly been making the most of our freedom after a couple of years of restrictions.  Once again, our students were able to take part in the Big Science Competition and they are eagerly awaiting their results for this.  Senior students have been enjoying various opportunities such as the Biology excursions to Hastings point and the Biotechnology Laboratory at SCU, the Physics excursion to Dreamworld and the Chemistry Incursion day.  

As the term progresses I strongly encourage our Year 12 students to focus on their topic summaries and practise exam questions in preparation for their trial exams in Term 3.

Our junior students have been enjoying a variety of topics and investigations across the Science disciplines:

Year 7 - Forces (Physics)
Year 8 - Living environments and Energy (Biology)
Year 9 - Waves and Energy and Energy Transfers (Physics)
Year 10 - Patterns and reactions in Chemistry

Some of their highlights include Year 7 making and testing their parachutes and being zapped by the Van de Graaff generator.  Year 8 enjoyed dissecting sheep hearts, Year 9s made a Gummi bear wave machine and Year 10 have been enjoying the opportunity to complete practical lessons investigating a variety of chemical reactions.  It is important that students can relate Science to their everyday lives in an effort to understand the relevance of what they are learning and hopefully make learning science fun!

The year is still far from over and there are still many opportunities and events to look forward to so keep an eye out for them!

Mrs Jo Burnett
Leader of Learning – Science


Big Science Competition


Gummi Bear Wave Machine

Physics students at Dreamworld


Year 8 enjoying a heart dissection


Year 11 Biology at the Marine Discovery Centre