From the Leader of Learning - Mathematics

The Mathematics faculty has had a successful start to our inaugural HSC Lecture Series this term.  ATAR pathway students in the Mathematics Standard 2, Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 courses have been attending topic-focused lectures with the maths faculty once a fortnight during their free periods.  This has included Accelerated Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students, as well as a couple of interested Year 7 students.

The purpose of these lectures is to assist those students preparing to take the HSC exams to consolidate their learning over 30+ hours of classes into a 1-hour summary, as well as providing them with valuable resources to complete their independent study at home.  For those still in preliminary classes, it provides them with exposure to link what they are currently doing in class to where it will be going next year.

Students understand that those who are successful in the HSC and achieve the most growth in their learning are those who take advantage of the additional assistance provided and begin their study early.  Attendance at the sessions has included over 80% of the cohort. 

Sessions will continue next term, starting on Thursday 28 July (Week 2).  There will be three more sessions for each of the three courses.

Mrs Melinda Thompson
Leader of Learning – Mathematics