From Hanly House

On Thursday 18 August, after weeks of playing Connect 4, we had the Hanly Connect 4 Championships.  The finals had representatives that won their respective AWC tournament from our 9 AWC groups.  The tournament began with over 200 participants.  The stakes were high and the nerves were racing as each of the nine finalists tried to prevent their hands from shaking as they placed their turn.  The tournament was live streamed via Zoom to all of the Hanly AWC rooms with plenty of encouragement coming through the speakers for their representatives.  Students couldn't resist the viewing with many making their way to room 06F to watch it play out in the flesh.  It was quite the atmosphere!


The final came down to two Year 7 students, Matilda Burrett from AWC4 vs Edward Rankin of AWC9.  It was an epic encounter with each Year 7 student not having lost a game along the way to the final.  Edward was our eventual winner and crowned the Hanly Champion!


Well done to everyone and thank you to the Hanly teachers for helping facilitate the tournament.  It was really great to see our house spirit shine.  Edward will now progress onto the school championships, versus the winner of the other three houses.

Mr Mark Yager
Leader of Hanly House