From the Leader of Learning - Creative Arts

Year 8 Visual Arts students exhibited their Insect Art in the library gallery recently.  This collection of work demonstrated skills learnt in printmaking, drawing and painting through a unit of work that focused on drawing animals.  Students examined their chosen insect in great detail before representing it on paper in pencils and watercolours.  A more stylised version was created through the art of linocut printing.

Congratulations to Year 9 Drama on their enthralling performance of 'The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty' on Wednesday 10 August.  The students showed genuine engagement and enthusiasm in the rehearsal process of the play.  They also demonstrated substantial knowledge and growth in how an actor utilises their body and voice effectively.  We are excited to watch these students continue their drama journey over the next couple of years.

Year 10 Drama students performed their Monologues on Monday 15 August.  Students displayed confidence and presence on the stage while performing in character in front of their friends and family.

Thank you to the Year 11 Drama students for your assistance with the Year 9 performance and the Year 11 students from Entertainment Industry Studies for operating the sound and lighting.  Thanks also to the parents and friends for coming to support these performances.

Mrs Nicole Taylor
Leader of Learning – Creative Arts