From the Literacy Coach

Focus on Writing at SJC

 “Writing proficiency is central to student success during the school years, and it influences personal and vocational outcomes post-school.” (Graham 200, 2019)

One of our major goals this year is to improve the writing skills of our students.  All teachers have participated in a range of literacy workshops which have focused on strategies that can be used across classrooms to enhance our students’ writing.  This professional learning, which will be ongoing, is evidence of our dedication to this important aspect of our students’ academic development.  While there is a particular focus on writing in Stage 4, all students will benefit from the literacy initiatives occurring throughout the College.

Writing proficiency is central to student success at school, but the importance of writing goes well beyond the classroom.  Writing is a critical skill which is essential in many aspects of life and it has been firmly established that literacy levels can impact a person’s economic, social and health outcomes.

How can parents support their child with their writing?

Students across the College have been learning about the different types of sentences and how to incorporate them into their writing.  Using a variety of sentence types will allow students to create more engaging texts, elaborate and extend ideas, and make connections between concepts.

There will be an upcoming family learning session on Sentence Types to be held via zoom (date to be advised).  All resources will be made available to families so that you can support your child in their literacy development.

Mrs Antonia Pratt
Literacy Coach