From the Leader of Learning - HSIE

Year 10 Geography Field Trip

Year 10 were blessed with glorious weather for their Geography field-trip last Friday, 26 August, when they visited a range of coastal locations to investigate the functioning, change, and management of coastal environments.  Guest speakers from Fingal Head Coastcare and Indigenous Cultural Education enlightened the students about both the challenges and the importance of managing our coastlines in a sustainable manner.  The students’ comments below, illustrate how much was learnt from the day:

Tarasiri Bellhouse - I’m very glad I got an experience seeing these projects in real life rather than on a screen or in a book. 

Evie Wilcox - It helped me better understand the impacts that have been put on our coastlines and the behind-the-scenes work that has been put into maintaining and keeping healthy coastlines.

Jacob Howell - I learnt that the coastlines are not being treated correctly and that we need to make a change for the better.

Michael Byrne - I learnt about how the Council and Coastcare have both made changes and developments including replanting native species and building concrete and rock walls along rivers and beaches to stop erosion. 

Tyson Smith - The most interesting thing I learnt on the day was how the different dunes can affect the environment around them. For example, the rear dune is less windy than the foredune. Also how the caravan park could possibly be in danger from major storms as the dunes are ripped up and changed.

Mr Tom Nethery
Leader of Learning – HSIE