From the Leader of Reynolds House

It is hard to believe that we are on the home stretch for the year! Reynolds House continues to impress me daily, none more so than with the most recent leadership nominations.  I would like to again congratulate all our students who were brave enough to nominate for leadership positions and recognise those who were successful in filling positions below:

College Captain - Mitchell McCracken
Student School Spirit Leader - Seanna Connolly
Student Wellbeing Leader - Chris Preston
Reynolds House Captain - Ava Thomson
Reynolds Assistant House Captain - Georgia Smith
Year 11 SRC - Tyson Smith
Year 10 - Sebastian Thomson
Year 9 - Evelyn Elias
Year 8 - Hailey Pickett

We, in the House of Reynolds are so fortunate to have such fine examples of leadership among us.

Ava and Georgia, our new house captains, were asked a few questions to see what we have to look forward to with their leadership. 

The questions were: What unwritten rule would you make mandatory if you could and what can the students at SJC expect to see from you as new house leaders? 

Ava Thomson
An unwritten rule that I would make a law would be that when someone smiles at you, you have to smile back :)

What people can expect of me as house captain is a leader with an encouraging and positive attitude, who is welcoming to all students.  I will try to do my best to make Reynolds a house where people are welcoming, encouraging and willing to have a go.

Georgia Smith
When driving and you let someone in, they have to give you a wave. 

You should expect to see from me a positive attitude towards being your house captain.  Our Reynolds house is something to be proud of and I am honoured to lead our house to victory.

Looking forward to a great term ahead. 

Mrs Shannon Parker
Leader of Student Wellbeing - Reynolds House