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HSIE - SJC students visit Ancient Rome (Dining Roman Style)

To culminate the Year 12 Ancient History class study of Pompeii and Herculaneum, we celebrated with a dinner party Roman style! Donned in fabulous Togas and tunics they made their own evergreen wreaths.  Lazing on cushions, students then enjoyed a variety of foods similar to those enjoyed by Pompeiians before the eruption of Vesuvius engulfed their township.  Breads, soft and hard cheeses, a variety of fruits (of course grapes) olives and imported dates were enjoyed alongside honey, lentils and grape juice.  Marinated octopus was certainly a highlight!  All that was missing were the pomegranates, giraffe legs and flamingoes! Coles is very limited in their stock!

Mrs Rebecca Green
Ancient History Teacher