New Caledonia French Immersion 2022

New Caledonia Trip 2022

After a long awaited break due to covid, our New Caledonia Trip was relaunched in December 2022. Students from Years 9, 10 & 11 enjoyed a week in Noumea, with a variety of cultural experiences and some added Marine activities.


French Polynesian Culture at Amedee Island 

It was wonderful to see students conversing in French; ordering lunch/ dinner, buying bus tickets and asking for directions. We also enjoyed authentic French cuisine including; baguettes & croissants for breakfast and galettes and crepes for dinner.

French lessons, dinner & out and about in Noumea

Year 8 French - Project based Learning Activity

Students were given a brief to plan and organise a 4 week trip to France, visiting at least 4 regions and 4 towns. They were given an imagined $25,000 to cover all costs and they were asked to create a presentation. 

This could be either: a series of postcards, a brochure, a video or a journal. There were 10 dot points that needed to be included for example; French sentences and weather, costings, images and modes of transport.

A display has been set up in the library of the student’s amazing presentations. Prizes were awarded for specific categories: French content, Visual appeal, originality and overall design.

It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and interest built with this project, and observe the transfer of skills into their finished presentation.

Mrs Jo Scotcher
Teacher of French