Year 12 Retreat

From Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 February, the Year 12 students of St Joseph's attended their final school retreat as a year group.  The beautiful Tyalgum Ridge Retreat, situated twenty minutes from Murwillumbah in the verdant bush, provided a sublime setting for the introspective and exciting activities planned out by the St Joseph's staff and Youth Ministry team.  Over the course of the retreat, students were given the incredible opportunity to deepen their connection with their peer group, creating and cementing friendships and demonstrating Christ-like values through forgiveness and healing activities.  As one student said, “It was a great bonding experience for all of year twelve”.

Students and staff were given the opportunity to explore a change of scenery, which allowed them to escape from the stress of their daily routine and reflect on their previous years, as well as the time that they have left at St Joseph’s.  Other activities such as high ropes, hikes and small groups gave a chance for students to have some wholesome fun, perhaps why one described it as, “an awesome camp, it never gets boring that’s for sure!”

Sessions of reflection and personal sharing tugged on heart strings and allowed for the staff and students to connect with each other as people, fostering a camaraderie which will surely carry them through the highs and lows of the year to come.

The last day of retreat happened to fall on Ash Wednesday, which was commemorated with a beautiful liturgy. In a final act of collaboration students and teachers came together to craft a liturgical service of their own, with specially selected prayer and readings.  It was a wonderful way to end a truly heartfelt and wonderful retreat, which created memories for a lifetime.

By Valentina Muccillo