Year 7 Camp

I'd like to share with the SJC community, the following student report about this year's "Experience at Year 7 Camp".

Mr Mark Yager

Experience at Year 7 Camp

School camps are the perfect environment for making friends and fun memories!  This was the exact thing that happened at our school camp.  We arrived at Tamborine Mountain after an hour and a half of driving in the bus, talking about what we were about to participate in.  We dropped our luggage and set off for our first activity.

We were all so eager to participate for the first time instead of doing school work.  Most people were a bit worried about the harness activities but there were a range of enjoyable activities, including making huge bon-fires, survival challenges, and the GPS scavenger hunt! Spirits were high, and so were our harnessed bodies swinging on the treacherous ‘Giant Swing’.

The craziest thing that happened at camp was how much they fed us; every meal was about an hour apart.  We had breakfast, then morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert, then supper.  Oh my, the food was delicious, we ate so much it was easy for us to crash at bed time.

All in all, it was the best experience to test our limits, fears and create relationships.  Even though we had an amazing time at our camp we were all ready to go home and sleep in our own beds.  Thanks to the awesome teachers that put up with us, and provided us with a fun excursion.

By Kaia Samuels, Year 7