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Year 10 Geography Coastal Excursion

Recently, Year 10 Geography students undertook fieldwork, studying coastal issues and management strategies occurring along our local Tweed beaches.

At Kingscliff, students were able to evaluate the effectiveness of beach replenishment, the seawall and parkland facilities, in creating a space for passive and active recreation and revitalising tourism.

At Fingal, Mrs Busbridge (pictured) shared traditional stories of how local landforms were created. Students tasted bush foods and learned how to use local plants for food, tools and fibre. Fingal Coastcare representatives then guided students (pictured) around the dunes and headland, demonstrating the methods and success of their revegetation activities.

At Point Danger, students gained an understanding of the scale and importance of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass in creating safe navigation and ensuring the northward supply of moving sand to nourish our southern Gold Coast beaches.  Pictured are Kasey Cook (at left) and Kiara Davis completing their field booklets on a blustery afternoon.


Thanks are extended to Mrs Busbridge, Mrs Green, Mrs Schroeder, Mr Shaw and Mr Coverdale who accompanied students during the fieldwork.

Mr Bryson Coverdale
HSIE Teacher