Creative Arts Faculty

Year 8 French - French Cuisine & Cultural Activities

During Term 1 students have been learning about different regions in France including, Normandy, Ile de France and Brittany.

In Week 10, the students rotated through various cultural activities, as one group had the opportunity to cook French Crépes for the class.  Nutella and lemon & sugar were on the menu and the general opinion was ... c'est excellente et c'est délicieux!

Each term, we will continue to learn about the remaining ten regions of France and the groups will continue to rotate.  All students will have this opportunity to have a go at some French Cuisine.

Mrs Jo Scotcher
Teacher of French

Year 7 Visual Arts classes inspired by the Art of John Coburn

The art of John Coburn is among the most recognisable in the country.  His bold, colourful paintings and tapestries can be seen in galleries, boardrooms and private collections throughout Australia.  Year 7 have recently been exploring the design elements of shape and colour while incorporating ideas and inspiration from John Coburn.  Year 7 have also created vividly colourful paintings of landscapes during Term 1, using tints and shades.  They applied their knowledge of tints and shades plus primary and secondary colours, to produce a varied array of images.  Their artworks are on display in the library, next time you are in there please have a look.

Mrs Nicole Taylor
Leader of Learning - Creative Arts


Year 7 Visual Arts work on display in the Library