Leader of Learning - HSIE

On Friday 19 May, Year 10 participated in a workshop presented by six ladies from the organisation “Courage for Care”.  These ladies discussed the concepts of promoting, and accepting of diversity across society.  They shared their stories and their family stories of World War II, by creating awareness of the dangers of prejudice, racism and discrimination, while educating and challenging students' attitudes and behaviours, demonstrating that every individual can make a difference, while transforming “bystander” behaviour to “upstander” action.

Two of the ladies, who were only babies became small children, shared their specific life story, being taken in trains by the German army and how they were separated from their fathers and brothers.  They also shared photographs of the concentration camps, the conditions of the camp, along with their families, their paperwork, people that saved them and maps of their travels during the time period.

Students then broke into groups and discussed the idea that ordinary people have the power to make a difference when they witness injustice, prejudice and discrimination, by not being “bystander” rather than an “upstander”.

Miss Teneille De Luca
Acting Leader of Learning - HSIE