Assistant Principal - Mission

Australian Catholics Magazine

For 25 years, Australian Catholics has been helping bring faith to life in Catholic schools and parish communities.  Their print publication and online resources help bring faith to life in Catholic parishes and is published four times a year and distributed to more than 100,000 families across the country.

Nuture faith in the home

The print magazine seeks to bring a sense of our global Catholic mission into the homes of Australian families.  Australian Catholics provide updates from Rome and from the Catholic bishops, and share stories of Australians on mission overseas.  Their goal is to give families a sense that they not only belong to a school or parish community, but to a community that extends across the globe and through the centuries.

The Australian Catholics magazine is available for families to take home from church.

Please click on this link for further information about the Australian Catholics magazine.

Please find attached some more information that parents may find useful.


Rosies is a social justice initiatives in which our senior students can participate in.  Please see the Rosies newsletter attached here.

Vaping - Talking About Vaping with Young People

The North Coast Youth Vaping Taskforce has provided a flyer for the information of our parents and carers to start the conversation at home.  Please take the time to sit with your child or children and discuss with them this most serious health topic, and  why Talking About Vaping with Young People could make such a difference.  

NSW Health has other resources for parents and carers that might prove most helpful.

Term 3 Reflection Days for Years 7, 8, 9 & 10

As part of Proclaim Lismore – Students, and in conjunction with the School Evangelisation Program, each year group has a Reflection Day.

The aim of a Reflection Day is to involve the students in activities designed to develop their self-esteem and participation in decision-making.  The underlying theme is to develop a positive and active sense of community.  As a Catholic College these Reflection Days allow the students to participate in prayer and aim to develop peer relationships.

In the first week of Term 3, there will be a Reflection Day for each year group in Years 7 to 10.  These days are compulsory for all students at the College.  The Reflection Days will be held at the College on the following days:

        Year 7       -     Tuesday 18 July
        Year 9       -     Wednesday 19 July
        Year 8       -     Thursday 20 July
        Year 10     -     Friday 21 July


Wearing Mufti will incur a gold coin donation, which will be collected to support the Parish Pantry; this is a food service that supports families in need in our community.  We encourage students to participate in the community building aspects of this day as well as the social justice opportunity to help those in need.

All students are asked to bring their own morning tea, however, a BBQ (sausage sizzle) lunch and drink will be provided on the day.

Mufti Expectations at SJC

Wearing mufti to school is a privilege for students and there is a responsibility to be mindful about what is worn.  This dress code ensures that students come to school in tidy, casual clothing suitable for a learning and work environment, ready to participate in their lessons. 

The mufti dress code is in effect from the time students arrive at school until they leave.  In order to comply with WHS regulations and to engage for practical lessons, students need to wear enclosed leather shoes.

The following applies to wearing mufti:

Tops: Students must either wear a short or long-sleeved blouse/T-shirt/polo, or jumper.  Shoulders must be covered and exposed mid-sections are not allowed.  Printed T-shirts must not display any inappropriate material.  Sweaters and jackets of an appropriate size and length may be worn over, but not in place of, an appropriate top.

Pants/Skirts/Shorts: Appropriate school attire includes long pants, shorts or skirts worn with the waistband at the waist.  Jeans in good repair are acceptable.  Skirts and shorts must be of acceptable length comparable to that of the sports uniform.

Shoes: Must be enclosed shoes appropriate for timetabled lessons.  If your practical subject requires leather shoes, please bring this to school and change for that lesson.

Examples of inappropriate clothing:

  • Very short skirts or shorts. 
  • Thongs, slippers, slides and ugg boots. Shoes must be closed for WHS purposes.
  • Tops with plunging necklines, singlet/muscle/tank tops, midriff tops, see-through clothing or visible underwear.
  • Image or text on any item of clothing that promotes sex, violence, alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  • Clothes that are not considered sun smart.

NB: Any student has the option to wear full school sports uniform.

Following the mufti dress code is one way that students can demonstrate our core values by showing respect and taking responsibility for their appearance, indicating they wish to be a part of the school community. 

Mr Eamon Brown
Assistant Principal - Mission

Encounter Rally

St Joseph’s College was very excited to hold the Encounter Rally on 9 June in the COLA.  As the COLA began to fill up, the Proclaim Lismore Ministry Team and their worship team, Wildfire, started playing the first of many songs for the evening.  After the 30 students from St Joseph’s College and Mount St Patrick College were settled in, we were introduced to our MCs, Georgia Chalmers and Tom Busbridge, who started with a scavenger hunt game.  This involved students racing around the College in teams and completing several tasks, such as guessing the name of songs just by listening to the first five seconds, eating a doughnut without using your hands and guessing what was in the box just by feeling around with your hands.  After everyone’s energy had run out, and the tasks had all been completed, we returned to the COLA.  We then had Natasha Wotherspoon (a St John’s College, Woodlawn staff member) and myself on a couch, answering questions about our faith.  Following the couch session, we had a special guest speaker, Hogan Rogers (Lismore CSO Youth Ministry Diocesan Office), who spoke about the meaning of Divine Intermission.  We had more songs like ‘O Come to the Altar’, ‘What a Beautiful Name’ and ‘Broken Vessels’ to end the evening.

Overall, the night was a great success, filled with food, community, faith and music. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the next Encounter Rally. Thank you to all those involved who made the night such a great success!

Written by Leilani Harmon (Year 12)