Street Retreat

In Week 10 of Term 2, St Joseph’s had six Year 11 students attend Street Retreat in Brisbane.  This Retreat is run by the CSO and focuses on social justice and service to the poor. 

Here are some highlights from our St Joseph attendees. 

Thomas Busbridge - ‘I will carry the memories of this experience with me forever and highly recommend that if you get an opportunity to apply even if you are unsure, sign up! It could change your life in so many ways.  I learnt many things from this experience that will help guide me in years to come.  The main thing that I take away is that you can always lend a helping hand and it doesn't take much, even if it is just a conversation it can help change someone else's life.’

Maddison Cave - ‘On Friday I spent the day at the Valley Hearts organisation where we helped organise food for dinner in the park that they hold twice a week. This experience showed me how much work truly happens behind the scenes, it showed me where all of the food that we donate goes to.  I got to meet the two co-founders Mo and Rata.  They were very passionate people who truly understood what it was to be homeless and how much it meant to get food on the table for these people.

Tyson Smith - ‘On Saturday, My group was lucky enough to go to the ministry of soup kitchens where they talked about Mother Teresa like she was their actual sister.  At that work station, I helped fry potatoes and prepare 65 meals for the homeless people and distribute them out with delicious banana muffins.  Then on Sunday we went to church and left for home.  We met an amazing group of people and all 64 of them are memorable. Everyone got together so well like we were all family.’

Annabelle Stribling - ‘During my time at Street Retreat, I first went to ECM which is Emmanuel City Mission where another girl and I organised and folded clothes which were then given out to those who were homeless or in financial need. This then allowed us to talk more to the people we were giving clothes to and allowed us to get to know them more. After this, we then helped serve food out which was a rewarding experience to be able to see the joy a hot fresh meal could give to someone.’

The College is very proud of the efforts of the following students who attended:

  • Thomas Busbridge
  • Maddison Cave 
  • Balin Fitt
  • Kate Sands
  • Tyson Smith
  • Annabelle Stribling 

Thank you to Antonia Pratt for driving the bus to and from Brisbane. Thank you to everyone involved in the planning and facilitation of Street Retreat 2023! 

God bless, 
Ministry Team