Literacy Coach

Improving Writing at SJC

Improving the literacy skills of our students has been a goal of the College for a number of years now.  Over the past 12 months, our approach to writing instruction has become a specific priority and we have established a shared commitment to developing the writing skills of every student.

While we have discovered that writing is an extremely demanding task to master, we have learnt a range of strategies that have proven to positively affect our students’ writing outcomes.  Significant amounts of instruction and practice are essential if students are to learn to write well.  To help our students communicate their understanding in every subject, writing is now explicitly taught and practised across all areas of the curriculum.

We firmly believe that these strategies will create a robust foundation for your child’s writing skills, setting them up for success not only in their academic journey, but also for their future beyond school.  We invite you to partner with us in this endeavour by encouraging your child to embrace writing as a valuable skill worth mastering.

Mrs Antonia Pratt
Literacy Coach